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Daisy's Senior Portraits!

I connected with Daisy's mom, Angie, through her twin sister who I have photographed for years! I feel so honored when clients refer me to their family! Angie and Daisy were so fun & easy-going to plan and work with. Daisy's only request was that she get some mountain views in her photos. Luckily, in Colorado that is not very hard to accommodate!!! Our original session location was evacuated days prior to pictures because of a significant wildfire. We didn't want to take our chances, so I found a good second choice. This spot looks like a secluded mountain paradise, but really it is tucked off a busy road in Louisville--only about 30 minutes from Denver!

I love that Daisy chose a not-so-traditional outfit to start! As much as I love dresses and frills, it was obvious that this outfit was definitely truer to Daisy's style. She ROCKED it and I just love the confidence she exudes.

Daisy's next choice surprised me in all the best ways! I loved the combination of fabric textures and as soon as I saw it I asked her how comfortable she would be getting in the lake. Our first spot did not have a lake so it was just MEANT TO BE that we ended up here! Daisy was a wonderful sport and the water was surprisingly warm (or at least not cold!) Must be all the near- 100 degree days we have had recently. I am sure it is no shock that I had a hard time choosing favorite images to feature!! Thank you so much Daisy & Angie! It was truly a blast working with you guys and I wish you all the best on your adventures as a young adult!




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