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Fall Minis 2020

Even though it is not technically Winter yet, mid-December in Colorado is a far cry from the Autumn temperatures and foliage we had earlier in the year! My fall minis this year were seriously so much fun! Over the course of 4 days, I had a total of 36 families take part in the photo magic and memory making.

It was so fun to work with such a variety of families--some with one toddler, some with three toddlers. Some families had babies, some had teens! I love the fast-paced speed of mini sessions. Anyone with a child under the age of 5, a teen over the age of 12, or a husband who is missing a prime day to watch football knows that time is of the essence! The quicker we work, the better! It is always important to me to ensure that even though we work quick, the true goal is to capture a gallery of pictures that are a perfect representation of where this family is in life right now!

Fall is the best time to take family portraits for families with little kiddos and babies! The temperature is warmer out than later in the season, but not sooo miserably hot that you can't wear those adorable vests or sweaters! All my families this year really showed up dressed for the part and I just live for that! In case you cannot tell, I get really excited about family photos. To be perfectly honest, it is probably unnatural how jazzed I am to dance and sing for toddlers to smile and make really bad jokes to get the older kids to chuckle!

Just look at how stunning all these families are! It is no wonder I was in true photographer-heaven! The skies were a bit smokier than anyone would have liked due to the record-breaking drought and wildfire season. Even with some very smokey days, I am still beyond obsessed with every single one of these sessions.

Ahh, these make me miss Fall and it isn't even Winter yet! It has been a few weeks since I looked at any of these and I think I love them more now than I did when I took them--which is a lot! Huge thanks go to every single client who booked one of these sessions. I love pouring my heart into this work and it would not be nearly as fun without such fun clients! Fall 2021 has a tough act to follow, but I am up for the challenge!



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Haley Thomas
Haley Thomas
Jul 11, 2022

I love the grass in this mini location! Your lighting is magical and editing style is so pretty!!

Haley Thomas

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