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Chamberlain Family // A Sweet Announcement!

Catherine and I met through a local photographer's Facebook group we are both in, we have swapped sessions a few times over the past year. It is wonderful to have a go-to fellow photographer that I can swap pictures with. Tripods are nice and all, but add in young kids and it is pure chaos! I do not even attempt my own tripod family photos anymore--it is that bad! So when Catherine reached out to me to capture a surprise for their family, I was thrilled!

Ahh! I just love the way Remi wraps her arms around her Mama! So much love!! The little toddler scrunchy smiles don't hurt either!! Remi is just darling and she looks pretty proud of her new "big sister" status!

Isn't she just gorgeous?! I was I could say that I prompted her to look at her shirt, but I didn't! The girl is just a natural!

Catherine is pretty stunning as well! I know firsthand how miserable it is to be pregnant in the heat of a Colorado summer--Catherine handles it with much more grace than I did!

So it was pretty obvious that the announcement was a new baby!! So exciting! But there was one more detail Catherine & John were ready to share...

IT'S A BOY!! When Catherine mentioned the ice cream color idea, I was instantly in love! It is so cute, fun, and I really love how it is different than a lot of other gender reveal ideas!

I may be a *tiny* bit biased but I love having both a son and a daughter! I cannot wait for Catherine to experience the joy of two babies and watching Remi transition into a big sister! Congratulations again, Chamberlain family! It is always a joy to work with you!!!

~ Stephanie


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