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Baby Weston

Have I mentioned how much I just adore newborns? I don't think I have made it quite clear enough just how much I love these sessions! Baby Weston (and his parents, Courtney & Ben) were so sweet. I am convinced they are superhuman because they moved and had a baby in the middle of a pandemic! They acted like it was no big deal but either one of those would have had me stressed out for months! I love that the bought this home right before Weston's debut. I am sure it was a bit hectic to say the least, but how special is it to be able to bring baby home to your new home?!

Going into my clients homes and documenting them with their newest little addition is not something I take lightly, this is important work to me. I know to many people newborn photos seem a little "extra." Let me tell you, as a Mama of two toddlers who grew out of their newborn cheeks and wrinkles far too fast, these photos are some of the most precious belongings I have. My favorite newborn photo of Sophie (with Owen holding her) is on a HUGE canvas in my bedroom. I love that those sweet little itty-bitty baby faces are something I get to see every day. It is such a beautiful picture that I originally wanted it on display in our living room, but I am selfish and wanted it where I would get to admire it everyday! Also, I didn't want the kids destroying it, so hallway/living room was not an option.

They are all so cute!! I am 99% sure I smiled the entire time I edited their gallery and I am 100% sure I smiled the entire time I wrote this blog post! I just love all of Weston's little wrinkles! So adorable! Of course, I also had to take some nursery pictures--if you do all the work of decorating a nursery where Baby won't sleep another couple months, we at least need to have pictures to show how pretty it is! As always, thank you so much to these wonderful new parents, Courtney and Ben, who gave me the honor of capturing these first few family photos.




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