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What does the process of booking a newborn session look like?

Second to taking pretty pictures, it is one of my biggest priorities to ensure that all my clients know exactly what to expect through the entire booking and session process with me! I am the type of person who will not sign up for anything unless I know exactly what to expect every step of the way. Because of that, I like to run my business the same way! Today I am walking you through what it looks like to book a newborn session with me! Newborns are a little different than other sessions simply because most of my clients book before baby is even born. I book clients in advance for many reasons, but mainly to make sure they get a spot in my calendar! When a client books their session, I write down their due date and we wait. I only take on about 4 newborn clients per month and I want to make sure each client gets the attention needed! Most clients book their newborn session when they are 20-34 weeks pregnant.

From there, we wait until baby is born! Once baby is born, we officially schedule a date and time! I prefer to work with newborns when they are 6-14 days old. Usually your milk has come in by this point if you are breastfeeding, you are learning baby's schedule, and the total cloud of newborn daze is starting to lift. Baby is also usually losing any baby acne at this point and they are still sleepy enough for all the cute poses!

I have a full guide of tips and tricks I send out to clients before their newborn session. All the parents just love this! It helps us get the absolute most out of your session. During the session, I start with family photos, each parent with baby, baby with any siblings (including fur-siblings,) and then just baby by themselves! For the family and sibling photos, baby will be wrapped in one of my prop swaddles I bring. I have a TON of colors and spend the first few minutes of every session laying all the options out and helping parents decide what color is best! For the baby only photos, I do some swaddled with different looks as well as do "birthday suit" photos and any fun prop outfits or accessories. I bring absolutely everything needed for photos! All you are responsible for is dressing everyone besides baby!

I hope this was helpful in giving you a picture of what to expect when you book! I cannot wait to work with you and your little one!




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