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What To Expect From a Photography Session During Covid-19

As the state of Colorado is beginning to allow non-essential businesses to resume, I wanted to take a moment to give you an idea what photography sessions with me will look like for the foreseeable future! The weather warming up is the sign that my busy season is approaching and I hope this year is no different.

For all my sessions:

I will be wearing a fabric face mask the entire time. I will continue wearing the mask as long as the state officials recommend it. From what the CDC says, this would prevent me from spreading Covid-19 to you or your family if I was asymptomatic and had the virus. For obvious reasons, I do not expect you, my clients, to wear masks-- unless that is the vision you have in mind for photos! In addition to wearing a mask, I will be sanitizing my hands and camera more frequently as another layer of protection. If your session is in your home (newborn, cake smash, etc.,) you can expect to see me sanitize my hands upon entering your home as well as before I leave. For outdoor sessions, that will happen before I leave my car and once I get back to my car after the session. I will also be scheduling a larger time buffer between back-to-back clients to allow me to clean my camera and any props. For props like blankets, they will be washed between every client.

For newborn sessions:

In addition to the measures above, I will be significantly limiting my handling of babies. Normally, I spend most of the session holding, wrapping, and posing the baby. This means more lifestyle type newborn sessions like the one you see throughout this post. This allows parents to be doing most of the handling just by following my posing instruction. I am happy to still do some posed newborn photos, if that is what you prefer. I am happy to bring props (swaddles, baskets, outfits, etc.) if desired and I will be cleaning them thoroughly between clients--just like I have always done with newborn clients.

I understand that this is a very unusual and stressful time for many of us, so I am excited to be able to resume business and bring some normalcy and joy to you all during this time. I am happy to follow any additional safety requests for individuals, as well. You and your family's health is so important to me and I will do everything I can to prevent the spread of this virus. I truly hope you and your family is doing well, in all aspects, during this time!




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