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HopeKids Mini Sessions!

Last Fall, I had connected with HopeKids to hold Fall Family Mini Sessions, but we got over 14" of snow a couple days before and the forecast made it obvious that it would not be great for kiddos outside trying to look happy for photos! We originally said we would try again in the spring, but then Covid happened, so here we are in late July finally getting the chance to work with these beautiful families.

I have volunteered photography services with HopeKids Colorado in the past and that is what sparked my idea of hosting a day of mini sessions solely for HopeKid Families. HopeKids is an organization that provides all sorts of experiences for children with life-threatening medical conditions. They go to concerts, amusement parks, sports' games, private movie screenings, and so much more!! All at no cost to the families. This is so important to not only the child with the condition, but also to the parents and any siblings. It provides much needed HOPE and joy to the entire family. As you can imagine, because of Covid restrictions, events and activities have been pretty limited lately. I think it worked out for the best that we kept getting delayed until last weekend, it was a good social-distance friendly activity that families could come to and keep their space!

Here is just a glimpse at all the beautiful portraits we captured! There were 25 families total over the course of 9 hours! I wish I could share every single photo, but that would slow my website down too much. So here are just my absolute favorites! I had such a hard time narrowing it down to these!!

My first set of volunteers that HopeKids provided! Thank you so much to all the volunteers (Brittany, Michelle, Steve, Chelsea, Julie, & Kristen!) You guys were absolutely fantastic! I loved being able to not worry about time or which family was next and just letting you guys handle the logistics! It was also SO helpful to have extra hands to hold babies, dog leashes, sunglasses, and just about anything else! Thank you guys, again!

Thank you to all the wonderful HopeKids families!!! You were all incredible and I truly loved working with each of you and your children. It fills my heart so much to be able to do this and work in this community. I know it is A LOT of work & effort to plan outfits, get your kids ready, get yourself ready, get in the car and some of you drove HOURS on top of that. It is certainly no small feat, especially when you throw in medical equipment, back up outfits, and more. Thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for an email with your full galleries later today!!!!



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I absolutely love this. I want to pick your brain as I would love to do something similar. This is so precious and important. I'm so glad you were able to capture so many families. I know they must be thrilled with their pictures!

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