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Sophie is ONE!!!

Our sweet SophieBunny turns one today! She is so full of spunk and personality. She always has an opinion and is not shy about it! She loves wrestling with Owen, eating anything, and being the center of anyone's (yes, anyone's!) attention! She is Owen's opposite in so many ways-- he is shy and timid with a healthy dose of "stranger danger." Sophie has no such fears! She acts like everyone surely came to the grocery store just to see her!

Of course, when we gave her a cake of her own and our undivided attention, she was in her element! We jokingly call her the "talent" or "Mariah" because she can be a bit of a diva! Even with all her attitude, she is still a very happy and easygoing baby. So thankful for that!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sophie Girl! We all love you so much!! No big birthday party because of Covid, but having a family dinner this weekend to celebrate! Her second birthday party will have to just be a little more special!

Huge thanks to Brie Paul at The Erie Florist! Brie is just phenomenal and I love what the florals bring to the overall look of this shoot!


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