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Owen gets a Nugget!

Before the Covid-19 shutdown started, I had ordered Owen a Nugget as his big birthday gift from us and Jesse's parents (Grammy & Papa.) For those who aren't familiar, a Nugget is a collection of large, super comfortable, foam pieces that can be built to anything and everything your kiddo can think up! Owen basically never stops running, jumping, or building forts so it seemed like a great present! We ordered it back in February and as it got closer and closer to his birthday in late March, it became apparent the present would not be here in time. Thankfully, Owen did not know he was missing out on anything. Anyways, yesterday afternoon the prized Nugget finally arrived!

In the 24 hours of being a proud Nugget owner, Owen has not stopped playing with/on/in it. He played on it until bedtime last night and the first thing he said this morning was "where is my Nugget Present?!" He absolutely ADORES it! Sophie has even got in on some of the fun with some climbing and some cruising.

We have built one large castle, a fleet of boats and ships (complete with fishing expeditions,) several forts, slides, car washes, pretended to be penguins belly-sliding on ice, and even some resting happened! Safe to say to was WELL WORTH the extended wait! 10/10, we HIGHLY recommend Nuggets! Happy (belated) Birthday, Owie-Cakes!

~ Stephanie


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