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Schultz Family

The Schultz Family has quite the crew with six little ones! Yes, six! However, all the kids were photo-ready (read: Bribed with the promise of a treat after!) so the session was not nearly as hectic as you would think! The hardest part for me was remembering which identical twin was which! This sweet family just moved to Colorado not terribly long ago--mountain views were of course a must for their first Colorado family portraits! I have been driving by this spot (McIntosh Lake) for months and just dreaming of the day I would have an opportunity to do a session here! Because of the mountain views, the light plays a VERY important role in getting beautiful images of the family and still getting the mountain views, so only late afternoon & evening times can really let this spot shine!

Aren't they all just the cutest?! We had so much fun and I just LOVE how we not only captured each of these kiddos in their own stage of life, but also the love and joy this family has within them! Seeing the big sisters are all be little Mamas to Baby Bowie, Big Brother Easton making sure everyone was together, and the twins, Lennon & Halen, very politely correcting me on their names! I cannot wait to work with this sweet family again! Thank you so much Molly & Tim!

And if you were wondering, yes! The kiddos all got their treats as soon as they got home!




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