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Cameron // Six Month Session

Working with family is always fun for me--especially when I get to see this cute little guy! Alex & Joel trusted me with their Maternity and Fresh 48 photos--I swear I will do a series of "from the archives" posts someday so I can show off all that beauty! Of course when they asked me to do Cameron's Six Month portraits, I was thrilled! Joel is one of Jesse's cousins. Jesse has a ton of cousins--well not really a ton, but I have like one cousin so any more than that is a lot to me! The cousins range in age quite a bit, so it is really fun that some of them are in the same season of having young children with us! Cam is almost exactly six months younger than our Sophie Girl!

Alex, Joel, & Cameron seriously make the cutest little family! We chose a super tree dense park near their home to make it possible to shoot during Cam's happier time. Most little ones are not happy when the sunlight is the prettiest--about 3 hours before sunset and 3 hours after sunrise--so trees to the rescue! Having a beautiful session is possible anytime of day, but there are certain backdrops that are just best at a specific time. Any Colorado Mountain View from the Front Range is prettiest in later afternoon/early evening! My favorite Longmont location--Sandstone Ranch--is best in the morning. Of course this is highly subjective to the photographer and their style. I love bright light coming in from behind my clients. If a photographer likes darker images or uses flash, they will likely have a very different opinion on what time is "best."

Look at those proud parents! Cam is pretty ridiculously adorable as well!!!

Thank you fellow Fasslers for the honor of capturing all your life changes! I just love it!!!




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