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Gillaspie Family // Go Shout Love Feature

When Mariah contacted me and told me what she was dreaming up for her family's session, I just knew it was right up my alley! Mariah and Mark have two beautiful girls, Emma & Abby! Emma is the sweetest big sister in the world. She has this calm, cool, & collected way about her that just makes everything feel okay. She loves music and being around other kids. As all Mamas know, if you have one really calm and cool kid--you are almost guaranteed to have the opposite as well! Abby is that opposite! She is feisty and full of drama! She unapologetically loves being the center of attention. She is full of smiles though and her cuteness makes up for her antics--doesn't it always work like that?!

Emma & Abby both have the same genetic condition, a THAP12 Mutation. This condition causes both of them to have epilepsy (infantile spams) and numerous other medical complexities. The craziest part? Emma & Abby are the only two known cases of this in the entire world. Mariah reached out to me because they are Go Shout Love's September 2020 Family and they needed some great family photos to help share their story. Go Shout Love is an incredible organization that supports families who have children with rare medical conditions, like Emma & Abby! For the entire month of September, proceeds of every purchase made in the Go Shout Love Shop will contribute to researching this ultra-rare condition and ultimately, bettering these sweet girls' lives.

They are just the most beautiful family! I loved working with all of them. Mariah runs a foundation for the girls called Lightning and Love. You can learn so much more about Emma & Abby, THAP12, and what you can do to help support them there. I highly recommend following the Lightning and Love Instagram page as well for all the sisters' cuteness and adorable daily toddler spam! It regularly brightens my day to see Mariah's posts and what the girls are up to!

Thank you to the Gillaspie Family for inviting me to help share this beautiful story! I cannot wait to see your story continue to unfold and what leaps Lightning and Love makes in research of the THAP12 Mutation.

Everyone! Head to the Go Shout Love Shop this month to get some really cute shirts, hats, and other gear! My order included:

and the Let's Go Play children's book. I think every kid needs this! It is a great tool for cultivating awareness and inclusion early on!




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