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Bodtker Family

Melissa and I met as total strangers on the internet--She & Erik live in Sonoma, California with their two beautiful babies! We bonded over our sons being within a couple months of each other and our daughters were born less than a week apart! We are also both total Dave Ramsey Fangirls so we just hit it off! She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders during our Baby Steps journey (full blog post on that coming later!) and I was just elated when she asked me to come out and do their family portraits! It was so fun getting to collaborate with her on her vision for family photos. She loves the more muted earth tones and I just love the look we tied together!

One thing that Melissa really wanted to document was nursing sweet Scarlett! Scarly is days away from her first birthday and I love that we got to capture this sweet moment. I loved nursing both my babies and I know it has a special spot in Melissa's heart too!

As you can tell, it was really hard to choose my favorites!! So many beautiful memories and moments. Thank you so much, Melissa & Erik for choosing me to tell this part of your story! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!




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