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Baby Jack

Another baby boy for Stephanie Fassler Photography!! This week has brought me two more newborn boy sessions! I think that brings my count to 10 or 11 baby boys of the past 12 newborns I have worked with. Laura and I connected last week and just by pure luck--I had a rare opening for a weekday morning! Mamas of toddlers know that morning is usually prime-time for toddler cooperation, so it was just perfect! Baby Jack and Big Sister Evelyn were both just darling. Evelyn was the perfect mix of careful with baby, but still wanting to be close to him. In my experience, this is not the norm! Toddlers tend to either be so obsessed with baby that they try to carry and hold him on their own OR they are in complete denial and completely ignore Baby. I have worked with all ends of the toddler-baby acceptance level and each has it's own perks!

Laura & PJ's home made for a great setting for newborn photos. They also have large (& west-facing) windows, which makes my photographer-heart sing. The natural light they let in is just ideal. Add in neutral colored walls & decor and it is just pure magic!

My favorite pose I always try to grab is toddler and baby laying on my white rug. I took a photo of Owen and Sophie like this and it is one of my all-time favorites. I have a huge canvas print of it in our bedroom because I love it that much--so I try to give all my Mamas that same sweetness. Sometimes big siblings are hesitant to get this close to baby, so encouragement is always needed! Evelyn did fantastic though! It took Jesse and I probably half an hour (and an embarrassing amount of mini-marshmallows) to get Owen in the pose with Sophie. Anything for the perfect photo, am I right?!

Jack is just the softest, snuggliest little guy! He definitely knows who is Mama is and was most happy when she was close. Reminds me so much of Owen! Covid has really thrown a wrench in a lot of plans, but I am so grateful for all the newborn clients it has brought me. I truly enjoy the honor of creating these images for families to cherish forever. We all know they grow up so fast! Thank you again, Laura & PJ! Enjoy the baby snuggles!!




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