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Baby Clara

My streak of newborn baby boys has been broken! Clara was just the sweetest little thing to try all my new girly headbands and wraps on! I seriously could not have asked for a better little model. She clearly has no shortage of baby hair and even had full eye lashes and eyebrows--which is unheard of for newborns! Usually, they have wispy little lashes and eyebrows? Forget about it! Lindsey found me because I did her nephew's newborn photos toward the beginning of the year. How special is that?! Two new babies in one calendar year! So fun.

I always start newborn sessions with baby all swaddled up. I bring all my swaddles and outfits to every session so that Mom & Dad can choose which they like best! It also helps me see what everyone else is wearing before making any suggestions on what color wrap to use. This very subtle blush wrap is one of my favorites. It is cute and girly, but not in-your-face pink. Any Mamas of baby girls know what I am talking about! There's just So. Much. Pink! For Clara, we chose two do two different swaddle sets to help her stay nice and cozy. The blush and then the hint of blue. While Baby is all swaddled up, we do the family photos, just Mom & Baby, just Dad & Baby, then any siblings (fur or human) with Baby! After that, I will change swaddle colors, use a prop outfit, or do naked baby photos. Some babies are more easy going that others when it comes to changing, but ultimately the outfit choices are all up to Mom & Dad. After we change, I will do "baby only" photos. These are all those cute poses and close-ups showing off little tiny hands, eyelashes, and big yawns or smiles! Some people think it is crazy that I do every newborn session in basically the same routine--but I have yet to have a baby that really doesn't love that rhythm-- it just works well for me!

Ahh! Little Clara is just so darling! Her little lashes melt me! Almost makes me want another---keyword: almost! My two kiddos keep me plenty busy and then some! Newborns will always have a special place in my heart because they remind me of when my babies were that itty bitty! I don't think I will ever get tired of those little newborn squeaks or sleepy half-smiles. Lucky for me, I get my "newborn fix" all the time with my clients.




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