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Baby Liam

Maria & Jon reached out to me right at the end of Stay-at-Home order to capture their maternity and newborn sessions! You can find their stunning maternity photos HERE! Needless to say, when I heard that baby Liam had arrived, I was so excited to go meet him! Maria was also the first Mama to get her hands on my new Newborn Session Mini-Guide! It is a brief guide that outlines what to expect from an in-home newborn session, outfit suggestions, and tips & tricks to get all those adorable sleepy baby pictures! I based it off of my Portrait Session Style Guide but then tailored it to new parents. Judging by these, I think it is a PHENOMENAL resource for all parents who book newborn sessions with me!

Just look at them! ADORABLE!!!

I always love getting each parent alone with baby. It is so sweet and special. I am almost positive I have Dad give baby "Eskimo kisses" in all my newborn sessions!!! It is just my favorite!!

I love how clean & simple these baby-only portraits are. Maria wanted some props, but not an overwhelming amount--which is just PERFECT! Is Liam the most perfect baby ever or what?! I love his cheeks and sleepy smiles! Such a handsome little guy!

Thank you so much, Maria & Jon (and Liam!) I loved working with you all both in your maternity session and Liam's newborns! I can't wait to see you again in the fall for family portraits!!!




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