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Bartholomew Family

I had the pleasure of photographing Jessica & Joey's wedding two years ago just outside of Portland. Later that year, they flew me out to them in San Francisco to do family photos and wedding portraits on the beach! Those are just some of my favorites photos! One day I will have to do a "From the Archives" post so I can share all those beautiful moments!! Fast-forward two years and another baby to 2020 and Jessica once again had me come out to California for their family portraits! Since her wedding, Jessica has become a photographer herself! She has such a good eye and I love following her business! (@JessicaGabrielle_Photography) for anyone interested! I love bouncing ideas around with her both artistically and business-wise! I knew when she mentioned she wanted photos done in the Redwoods that she had a vision!

One of my favorite things about serving Jessica & Joey is how in love they are and how well it shows in photos! Their love is just radiant and almost photogenic. I don't know if that's a thing, but it is for these two! It is easy for engaged couples without children to look madly in love, but not always those of us with a few years under our marriage and a house full of children running around. Jess & Joey have always been so easy to photograph because their love really shines!

Of course, Juliette and Scarlett are just adorable as well! These silly girls are just so much fun! I love how much fun we had not only taking these, but dreaming up the whole session from months before! Thank you, Jessica & Joey for being some of my biggest fans from the early days of Stephanie Fassler Photography! It means so much to me and I will gladly fly to California year-after-year to spend time with you guys and your beautiful babies!




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